The Trustee

The Fund is looked after by the Trustee, which is a trustee company called the Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund Trustee Ltd. This trustee company has a Board of Directors which is referred to as the Trustee Board, and the Directors are referred to as the Trustee Directors.

The Trustee Board is responsible for making sure the Fund is run for the benefit of its members.

The Pension Fund Manager to the Trustee is a company named Barnett Waddingham LLP. If you wish to write to the Trustee, please do so using the contact details shown below:

Trustee of the Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund
c/o Barnett Waddingham LLP
163 West George Street
G2 2JJ

We are looking for members to become Beneficiary Trustee Directors

The Trustee is currently seeking to fill two vacancies on the Pension Fund Trustee Board. A communication pack giving full details of the role and how to be nominated as a potential Trustee Director was posted to all members for whom the Trustee holds addresses on 4 September. All nominations need to be received by midnight on 30 October 2020. If you have not received your information pack by 11 September please contact the Fund administrator Mercer at and they will arrange for one to be sent to you.

Please remember to advise Mercer if you ever change address so that the Trustee can keep in touch with you. Mercer will also keep a record of your e-mail address if you provide it to them.