Here you’ll find the latest edition of our newsletter and important scheme information such as the latest Actuarial Valuation Report. You can also find and download the most up to date forms to update things like your address or request a transfer out of the Fund.



Periodical updates from the Trustee

Pension Decision Service brochure

A guide on the service available on retirement options


Pension Basics

How Does the MNRPF Work?

How Are My Benefits Calculated?

Retirement – Your Options

Making the Right Decision

What Happens if I Die?

MNRPF and the State Pension

MNRPF Divorce booklet Details the process, requirements and charges that apply when married members divorce and civil partnerships are dissolved.
Summary Funding Statement

This gives you an update of the MNRPF’s funding position


Retirement Estimate Request form

Use this form if you would like an estimate of your retirement benefits under the MNRPF

Expression of Wish form

Complete this form to update your beneficiaries in the event of your death

Change of Address form

Let us know your new address details

Change of Bank Details form

Use this form to tell us your new bank details

Transfer Out form

To let us know if you are considering a transfer out of the Fund, and the details of the receiving arrangement

Deferral of Pension Form

Use this form to let us know that you do not want to take your pension at your Normal Pension Age.

Formal Documents

Trustee report and accounts

An annual report that reviews the Fund’s activities over the past year and shows its audited accounts

Actuarial Valuation Report

The Triennial Actuarial Valuation of the Fund which details the assets and liabilities.


Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure


Statement of Investment Principles

Annual Implementation Statement

Details how the Fund’s engagement policy has been followed during the year