transferring your benefits

Beware of pension scams.

You have the option to transfer the cash value of the benefits you have built up in the Fund to another pension arrangement.

This option is available to you until you take your pension.

There are many reasons why you might want to transfer, such as consolidating several pension accounts in one place, using the value of your benefits in the Fund to take a more flexible retirement option that the Fund provides, or perhaps you are moving overseas and wish to take your benefits with you.

In any event, you should consider whether a transfer is in your best financial interest, and it is recommended that you speak to an independent financial adviser before making any irreversible decisions.

New rules set out by the government state that where a transfer value is £30,000 or more, you must provide evidence that you have taken financial advice.

If you would like to consider transferring out of the Fund, you can request a transfer quote from the Administration Team. You are entitled to one transfer quote in any 12 month period, free of charge. Any additional transfer quotes may be subject to a fee.