what happens if i die before taking my pension and before reaching my normal pension age?

spouse or civil partner’s pension

If you die before you take your pension from the Fund and before you reach NPA, and you leave a spouse or civil partner, they will receive a pension that is broadly equal to 50% of your pension as at the date of your death.

If your spouse or civil partner is more than 10 years younger than you, the pension may be reduced, subject to minimum pension limits.

lump sum

If you do not leave a spouse or civil partner, a lump sum may be payable. The Trustee has discretion to decide the person(s) to whom such a lump sum is paid. This should mean that any lump sum does not form part of your estate and is therefore not usually subject to inheritance tax. To help the Trustee decide, members are encouraged to keep their Expression of Wish form up to date.